Friday, January 30, 2009

Karmarama Jewelery

I think this is the last of the Karmarama's of the world posts. Although I know there is a Karmarama cafe in a park in Brent somewhere but it's too far north for me.

When we shocked the establishment and moved to cutting edge and cool Kensington* we found we were actually the second Karmarama in W14. The first, Karmarama the jewelery stand is in High Street Kensington tube station and is run by a very nice lady selling what seems to be very nice bits and bobs for your body. It looks shut down in the photo I took this morning, but I am assured it's still a thriving business (she just gets in a little later on Fridays). Anyhows, another nice Karmarama of the world who no doubt believe in being nice to people and playing ping-pong.

*not quite true