Monday, January 5, 2009

It has been a while...

I know you missed us and thank you for all the Christmas cards you kindly sent us. We are back (all be it a little fatter) so look forward to some 2009 karmaramazing blogging. Here is a selection of photos from our Christmas party to enjoy. So enjoy.

Ben kicked off the speeches.

Sid kicked off the fancy dress.

Dave's inaugural Christmas speech.

Enjoyed by the girls...

...and the boys.

Hattie and her poorly back took the back seat of the bus.

Liam and Kream with their jugs of beer at the restaurant.

Nicola with hers.

Craig and Juli on the bells.

Jono and Dave enjoying Craig's solo on the bells.

We brought a picture of Caroline on a stick with us as the real one was bed ridden.

And then we hit the cabaret club (with no cabaret!).

It was all good.