Thursday, February 17, 2011

My How We've Grown: Now Paddle Steamer Sized!

Dear Reader,

With every new update of the phone list I tend to do a quick count up of the number of people working out of Karma Towers to figure out how big a company we are.

You may recall from past posts, we started life as a kitchen-sized company, featuring a table and 4 wonky chairs and a kettle that didn't work properly. Growth was rapid-ish and in a few short years, whilst we were all enjoying a Christmas knees-up at the Reindeer Cafe, we realised that we were a shed-sized agency. This was because we were eating our tucker in a shed. Literally. Albeit a reasonably sized shed as opposed to a £99.99 job from B&Q. Then, not a year later we realised we had grown to a village hall/community centre-sized company. Probably somewhere like Appledore, where we have to accommodate the needs of the local WI, the cub scouts and that annoying man with the bad breath who runs the am-dram society. Then, last year we realised that we were operating pretty much at building capacity making us a provincial town nightclub on a Monday night-sized company, complete with ladies night (sic), 3 shots for a quid and that bloke from Steps doing a special PA.

Now, this glorious year of our Lord, 2011, we now realise that, with 87 inhabitants, we are officially a paddle steamer on the Mississippi- sized company. We've got gambling tables on the lower deck, a jazz band on the upper and a nice selection of canapes throughout. Plus a bloody great paddle wheel. And we have no, and I mean NO space left. Things are getting...cosy.

Bring it on. This time next year? Maybees a small isolated Hebridean island perhaps. Wait and see