Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Winner Of The 2010 Ski Trip Competition

So now it's an annual-ish event, we decided to re-run the Ski Competition.
You may recall last year's winner, the brilliant karamabet by Simon and Steve, set a pretty high standard.

This year's brief was to design an agency coat of arms or flag that we could print on bags, t-shirts, undies, that sort of thing.
This proved to be a tad challenging and we had a fair few attempts, the majority of which were pretty poor to be honest.
But out of a ragged bunch there was one beacon of design excellence, and what an outstanding winner it was.
Now I know it looks like a fix, and I know he's an art director by trade, and I know he's got the biggest Mac in the agency, and I know he's the founding partner and all, but you have to admit, Dave's design is pretty bloody good.

If the design looks at all familiar, it's based on the kamikaze pigeon that flew into our windows last year. A fitting tribute I think.

Look out for the t-shirts coming to Karma Stores soon.