Thursday, August 27, 2009

Karmarama: Now 'Market Town Club' Size

Golly, we've grown a bit.

A few months ago when our last phone list came out (listen, stop it, that's big news down KarmaKountry way) we talked about how, only a wee bit back when we were in Great Titchfield St we were garden shed sized (22 of us had a Christmas bash in a shed - honestly).

And then suddenly we were church hall sized with 55 of us out here in W14.

Well, the glourious phone list has been updated again and look how many of us there are now:


After a bit of spatial awareness calculation, a couple of floor mapping exercises and a cup of tea, planning has worked out that we are now officially the perfect size to fit into a market town club.

Now the important point to make here, before anyone says we're bragging or we've got ideas above our station, planning insists that it's a bit of a shit market town club, on the fringes of the town, probably somewhere you have to drive to, maybe need to wear shoes but definitely not jeans to get into, will have a ladies night on a Thursday, definitely have bouncers on the door and in the bogs and has always got lots and lots of bother going on. And it has VERY sticky dance floors.

We hope to grow a little bit bigger quickly before we get glassed as it's all about to kick off in here