Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Arjun (by Arjun)

Arj was born in London but moved to the tiny island of Tobago at the tender age of 1. During the next 16 years he perfected the arts and tricks associated with the yo yo, finally managing to conquer all on the island and earn a place at the Caribbean regional finals in Barbados which would have given him a shot of a finals place in Miami. He unfortunately failed to qualify. The shame of not making these finals drove him away from the Caribbean and back to London where he sold posh suits to rich people in Selfridges, tried becoming an accountant but got bored, moved into a finance department at a small advertising agency and got bitten by the creative bug. He then moved through some of London’s bigger more established agencies producing some great work along the way, also during this time he tried multiple times to get a job at Karmarama but Dave thought he was a call centre worker and never took his calls. Despite this knock back he really admired the founding principles of Karmarama in particular the ‘no wanker policy’ and managed to impress the partners a few years later with his perfection of the Queens english and the hardest yo yo trick of all time, the ‘Three Leaf Clover’.