Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dave's Birthday, A Hog Roast For The Agency, And A Very Poor Picture

Last week was Dave's 65th birthday.

To go with his Freedom Pass we decided to buy him a pair of dodgey old NHS specs, a shirt from Oxfam, but most excitingly of all, a proper full on hog roast.

Said hog arrived in a metal spit and pit, ready charred.

The agency dutifully queued and feasted on what supposedly can feed over 100 people. Strangely, we finished most of it. Could be because we have a lot of wasters here who spend all their pennies on beer and fill their bellies at such events. The combined crew of Steve, Craig and Jono (the usual offenders) managed to slam down 15 portions between them.

Damn fine hog, damn fine agency.

Happy pension Dave.
(sorry about the rubbish photo)