Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feast For a King: No.2 In A Very Irregular Series

So there I was in Exmouth Market wondering where to eat when I remembers that there is a very nice little pie & mash shop there. As I passed trendy young things buying falafels and mung bean whatnots from stalls and so-hip-I-could-just-die types sipping their smoothies outside overpriced cafes, I went to Cookes where, apart from a couple of low life geezers (bless 'em), I was the only punter.

And this is what fast, cheap food really is all about.

£3.20 for pie, mash and liquour.
Served in 23 seconds flat.

Finished in 3 minutes 43 seconds flat.

Nice work.

Next week, The Ivy. Maybe