Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breaking News: The Karmacrew Support Rossy

At KarmaKarmaNarna we fight for injustice wherever we find it.
And we think it's unjust what the public, the trash press, and those terrifying old ladies who read the Daily Mail are doing to our beloved Jonathan Ross.
He's a mate of the agency right. We love him. And he lives just round the corner from one of Nicola's 17 mansions.
So just leave it out right!
And never ones to take things lying down, we ram-raided BBC Centre with placards, badges and vitriol campaigning for our boy Ross.
Or as our soon-to-be world-famous slogan put it:
If you care and want to get involved, pop by and grab some placards and badges and join the movement.
This one's going all the way to the Court of Human Rights. Or at the very least to the Hammersmith High Road and back again.