Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Day Liam Went Stir Fried Bonkers

Well it's been building up for some time.

Poor old Liam has been fighting a losing battle trying to keep the Karma Kitchen spic and span, but without success.
Despite threats of violence, our hard working krew just didn't want to get their mitts mucky washing and tidying up after themselves.

Liam started with some good natured posters 'encouraging' people to do the right thing.

Then, the posters got a bit more aggressive and the threat of 'something drastic' was floated.

But still, no knives were washed, no forks were cleaned, no bowls emptied and no surfaces wiped.

And then, Liam just ... broke!

We came in on Tuesday morning to discover...the cupboards were bare. Quite literally.

Liam had removed every single cup, plate, bowl and piece of cutlery as well as tossing out all the food.

The challenge was to live without for one day, and all would be returned on Wednesday, but if we were naughty again they'd be taken away again, this time for two days, then the next time for three days etc.

So obviously we rallied around, tried not to upset Liam and kept the place clean.

Obviously being an enterprising bunch, we soon found a way around these draconian measures, as Dave and Tom's tea jars show, which were later available for hire at 10p a cuppa.