Thursday, November 27, 2008

Robin sets a new world record

I have come under a bit of pressure this week after my last two posts failed to capture the atmosphere and enthusiasm that has surrounded the agency due to the arrival of both our skateboard and our new snowboarding game. Given such great content and killing it in such a way with just a lazy one sentence is not acceptable. Rather than just erase it and forget it ever happened I am instead apologizing. I'm sorry (Sid) and I'm sorry to our seven readers for boring, boring posts.

So, in return for said boring posts this week I offer you Karmobama's finest ever blog post yet.

Last Sunday whilst sitting down to a traditional English Sunday roast dinner, Robin, our gentleman creative and traditional worldwide explorer decided it was time to go once again where no man had gone before. Having eyed up the current Guinness world record of Ferrero Rochers unwrapped and eaten in 1 minute for many years (it being 5 for your reference) Robin felt it was time to rewrite some records.

And time it certainly was. On that very Sunday evening Robin smashed the record. As I type we are currently sending off the footage to Guinness in return for a little certificate and hopefully some Guinness. Unfortunately it seems he is not the only one who has managed this, but watch this space as it seems the Christmas Party would be an ideal venue to rewrite the record books once again!