Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Kit Sponsor

T-shirts are very important here at KarmaSutara.
They make us look nice, soak up our sweat from our long cycles in, and make our ping pong heroes look dead professional.
Each year at least 47 non-chargeable man-hours goes into their creation, making the agency t-shirts our third largest client.
Something not quite right there, but still.
Anyway, in these times of change, desperation and financial despair, we decided to turn down the generous sponsorship offer from The Bank Of Bangalore and instead plump for the rock-solid, recession proof and terribly successful company Nintendo.
The fact that they are also very important clients of ours is immaterial.

Anyways, if you fancy getting your mitts on one of our 08/09 season T's, (black, grey or vibrant orange reminiscent of Ajax circa 1978) simply do one of the following:
1. Be very good at ping pong and join the team
2. Be very good at all that advertising malarky and join the agency
3. Explain in less than 50 words exactly what the point of 'it' is
4. Be a client looking for Asia Pacific's fastest growing independent agency and get redirected to us instead
5. Have lots of cash
6. Tell each and everyone of us how nice our hair is.

Choose wisely my friend.