Thursday, October 9, 2008

Will Anyone Ever Eat This Apple?

Some years ago, when I was a nipper, my school took the class on holiday to Italy.
The hotel was well dodge and we suspected that the rank bread rolls were being recycled from one meal time to another.
To test this out, I hollowed out one of the rolls, put a little message inside saying 'hello it's me again' and sealed it up.
Suffice to say, the manky roll turned up every day that week, and is probably gracing a table somewhere to this very day.
Now, bringing you right up to date, I want to talk to you about our fruit bowl and the case of the funny looking apple.
Fruit has a short life span here at KarmaKrackers.
The hungry hoards descend on it as soon as the bowl appears.
But one piece has survived. A little old red apple.
But it's a red apple with a difference, for it appears to have a mutation that has put its bum in the middle of its tummy.

Do you remember Cyril from 'That's Life'?
Are you old enough?
If so, imagine him giving one of his funny gurns right now.
I'll keep you updated on this strange bum-chested piece of unnaturalness and see exactly how hungry someone has to be to sink their gnashers into it.