Monday, October 6, 2008

Come Play In The Theatre Of Tears

So we've got this big building right.
Out somewhere west where your normal trads of advertising don't venture.
And this building it's SO BIG right.
But it just 'aint big enough.
So Big Dave, recently paroled from Acton's Young Offenders Institute for a crime he didn't commit, has only gone and built another bloody room!

Dave, frustrated by the inability to swing a ping pong bat in elegant fury and realising that KarmaKramps is growing a bit too quickly to find the requisite space for a ping pong table, has gone under ground, near as dammit dug a new room out of the basement with his own bare knuckles, and decorated it right pretty.

So now, not only does our des-commercial-res boast another room (try it at home - Phil and Kirsty will love it and you can beat the Crunch your own way - but we also have a state-of-the-art-attack ping pong room to play league games a-plenty, ensuring that your favourite indefinable agency can continue to fail miserably in The London Table Tennis (sic) League.

It's titled 'The Theatre Of Tears'

All hail Dave. He's everso slightly bonkers, but lovely with it. Next stop? The roof and London's third runway.