Friday, August 17, 2007

You Couldn't Make It Up

So, there we all were, the good and the not so great of Karmarama, out with our new Nintendo clients, celebrating summer down in Windsor. Drinks were consumed aplenty, chat was had, and we stayed over in a hotel for the night. All very posh. And then it happened.
You know the stuff of urban legend when sozzled people walk out of their hotel room naked and lock themselves out. Nonsense you think, no one could be that stupid.
So meet Ben, our Managing Partner, who is, it seems, that stupid.
At 4am, a little worse for wear and minus contact lenses, Ben staggered to the loo, but left his room instead, locking himself out.
Now ye olde hotels in Windsor are a bit random and it turns out Ben's room is more a little house and a good 100 metre run to the hotel reception.

So Ben finds himself in this courtyard. Thankfully he had the foresight to put a t-shirt on before retiring to bed but it was a wee bit skimpy only just covering his belly button let alone his impressive management assets.
For 5 minutes Ben heaved and shoved the door only to realise the only option was a 100 metre dash. No worry though, surely no one will be about at this hour? At that moment, a rowdy bunch of locals rounds the corner, singing and staggering, meaning Ben has to hide behind a plant pot for a full 20 minutes.
Then comes the 100 metre dash.

Ben, with out-stretched limbs, legs it down the road to the hotel reception, only to find that it too is locked. Following some bashing of the door and general screaming, the hotel porter opens up, takes one look at Ben and runs even faster than the great man himself to open up his room, thus sparing any further embarrassment.
Ben, we salute you, your skimpy t-shirt, and your 100 metre prowess.