Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to Hell 4: Robots in Disguise!

It's been a while since we treated you, happy reader, to an update on our living situation here. As you'll recall we appear to have fallen into a rather large demolition site and are surrounded on all sides by men, machines and discarded Pot Noodles. The noise continues to keep us on the edge of insanity, the rumbling keeps us shaken AND stirred and the eyesore that we see everyday fills us with despair.

We've still got no idea what they're doing out there other than really, REALLY hacking us off. You'll see a group of men at the top of the photo spraying some liquid into what we assume are the steel rods of the foundations. Or have they simply chosen something as noisy and as annoying as they can find to keep them, and us, fully occupied?
The bloke in the big crane just looks down on us each day, picking hi nose, rolling it in big balls and flicking them on our roof. Nice.
So it goes on. Lots of drilling, squirting stuff, banging and smashing. Oh joy.