Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Now I don't want to unsettle anyone, but very soon your favourite bunch of ad entrepreneurs are going to be battling the freegans for scraps round the back of the Oxford Street M&S as we come to terms with living on the streets.
Very soon our lease here at Karma Pavilions will be up and we'll have to move on.
But, unfortunately, with a few too many people like this geezer around spending his city bonus...

... it's making life a bit tough for us to find digs. It's all gone a bit expensive loopy nonsense on the rents and we're struggling to find anywhere half decent.
So we're on the hunt, everywhere from here to there to, dare I say it, the place that your dedicated Karmarama blogger spent has his bleedin' life trying to get out of, the home of Den and Ang, yes, the East bloody End.

Now you might think it's quaint, exciting, adventurous, a bit wee and a bit woo, but I think it's pants. Full of annoying people being really quite annoying.
So, if there's anyone out there who can save me and your Karma chums from a fate worse than a dustman's gor blimey trousers, please get in contact.