Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ping Pong Story

We share a surname and much else besides, but we're not actually related. He'd be a top uncle though.

The reason Howard Jacobson is on the blog is that he may have topped our very own 'We're shit and we know we are' as the greatest ping pong story ever told. The Mighty Waltzer's been dubbed 'one of the greatest sporting novels ever' and is also savagely funny.

It's a growing up story which includes uncle Howie's own experience as a rising star of the table and his heart-breakingly comic quest to 'lift the cup, and fuck the girl.' His words not mine, but familiar ambitions for many I dare to say. Strongly recommended holiday reading for those yet to venture out of our soggy summer.

It's a summer break for the ping pong team, but there's been some hand-eye coordination practice on the Wii baseball, so The Mighty Karmarama glory shots should be in good shape for the early fixtures.