Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rot Blog 7: Zombie Dawn

Zombies. A bit like people on Friends Reunited. They just won't go away, keep bouncing back, keep vying for attention. And keep trying to eat your brain (I went to a very rough school). Anyway, point is, just look at these Zombie specimens right here - they just won't die. We're into week 13 or 14 now and both the digestive and satsuma appear to be entering into a new state of permanence. Any putrefaction has stopped, the smell has gone and, in a Tutankhamen-esqe way, they've sort of gone all hard and gnarly. Now I'm not saying they are actually about to do a Lazarus-like resurrection, but they seem to be looking a bit healthier, a bit more perky. We've now put a couple of placements on permanent watch to make sure nothing too creepy happens. Check in next week to see if they've turned into diamonds or something.