Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things to Do this week

Just a little list of stuff for people who want to do some...stuff.

1) For Sporting Billies - a free sports day to show off at on Sunday on Clapham Common. Caution: its held by Gumtree so I am guessing it may be packed full of muscular gentlemen from the colonies - maybe you should stick to egg and spoon and avoid volleyball.

2) For Harry Potter Fans (or the parents thereof): Wizardy themed funday on south bank this sat to celebrate the launch of yet another Rowling doorstop. Its your basic facepainting, balloon modelling thing, and to avoid disappointment I should warn you that neither JK Rowling nor Mr Potter himself will be making an appearance. Still, you know, there's a lucky dip.

3) For Rich People with Curly Hair: Mammoth Indoor Picnic (at mammoth prices - £85 a head) in aid of combatting not just your hunger but World Hunger. For your wad you get champs, a mix and match top notch picnic thing made by Top Chefs and all that, and the opportunity to hurl money at one of those auctions where drunk people end up buying helicopter rides for 1200 pounds.

4) For Poor people with Expensive Tastes in Lingerie: Coco de Mer sample sale, Monmouth Street store, tomorrow (Friday) 11am til 6pm.

Coming Up:
For Country Fans: Wanda Jackson, squeaky voiced queen of rockabilly is playing Kilburn with punk rockabilly band Hot Rock Trio next Friday 27th

Featured Event!
London's undisputed event of the year (go on try it, I'll have yer) is the Lambeth Country Fair in Brockwell Park this sat and sun.
Its a blistering cocktail of the following:
small children from SE London being shown livestock for the first time, ('Mummy which bit of it is nuggets?')
the octagenerian cowboy knifethrower,
Ragga and other Rooty type Music, (of varying quality but some of it good and Horace Andy is on)
Small dogs running very fast over random obstacles such as entertains those in rural areas
jerk chicken, curried deliciousness and WI cakes
assorted yoghurt knitting and Prize Vegetables stalls.
What's more you can Hold an Owl if you like.