Friday, July 13, 2007

Midake rambling.

So I went to see Midlake this week at the RFH, which was nice.
And I spotted two things.
1) Their guitarist is the spitting image of Reinhard who was here on placement last week. See (the one in the middle):

2) Jason Lee from My Name is Earl fame was at the front trying to get a picture of the band. The paparazzi who were standing next to him , scrabbling for a shot of special guest Paul Weller didn't seem to notice. Much as I hate to be this uncool about celeb sightings, I thought I'd give it a go with the camera phone (who knew it could be so useful to have a CAMERA on your PHONE?) and maybe I could impress all my friends at work with it, on account of he's quite cool and hip and that, even if he is a scientologist, and his programme shares many values re. Good Karma with ourselves (and, it seems, with Tom Cruise)
This was the result.

That's what you get for creating bad karma by snapping unsuspecting celebrity skaters at a lovely gig put on by their friends.