Thursday, July 5, 2007

Spotlight on ... Numbers People

So you've got a plan to start London's soon-to-be most successful creative communications and good tea-making agency. You hire best in class planners, account people, creatives, producers and a firey person to man reception. Good plan. You think you've got it sorted. The business comes rolling in. Everyone's happy. End of the month comes. Oops! There's no bleedin' money in the kitty, no one's been paid, mass unrest, everyone leaves, agency folds. Why? Because you didn't hire any of the unsung heroes on the agency world - finance people.

Where oh where would we be without them? With their calculators, spreadsheets and stuff? Up the creek that's where?

So, to give them their 15 megabytes of fame, please meet:

Kevin The Enforcer

Kevin doesn't take any nonsense, knows his stuff and is a bit of a whizz when it comes to numbers and suduko and things. A bit like Roy Keane, when Kevin gives you one of his looks, you know it's time to fess up, get your accounts in order, pay your bills and move on.

Angela The Giggler

Angela is a bit like those little cuddly toys at the entrance to Hamleys that giggle maniacally when you clap your hands. But don't let her easy-going demeanor fool you. Angela is in charge of the most important aspect of running a business - expenses. Many a quivering wreck of a young account director has had their claim for 'Acme Leisure Services of Old Compton Street' rejected. Get Angela on your side, it's the only way to ensure you've got money at the end of the month.

So, that's finance. Gawd bless them, beautiful people. Can I get my expenses now please?