Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rot Blog 4: Traitor!

Now I know how Oppenheimer felt. Or Darwin. Or that bloke who invented cat’s eyes (no, not God, the WW2 bloke).
Here we are, trying to conduct a simple experiment, the results of which could have highly significant ramifications (good word) for all mankind as we know it. Only for people to start complaining about the smell! Digital Craig is getting all a bit “the smell is making me sick”. Well let me tell you sonny, better men then you have had to put up with more torment in the name of science. Look at Pete Burns for crying out loud.
So, despite attempts to ‘bin’ the manky specimens, Craig has been manhandled and ‘persuaded’ as they say in New Russia, to embrace our scientific experiment once again. How could we possibly let down our many loyal watchers and readers. How are the two of you by the way?
Anyways, in truth, not much to report this week other than the Satsuma is now really pongy and the biccie is just sitting there with its British stiff upper lip. Tune in next week to discover what thrills and spills throw themselves at our gently rotting pair.