Friday, July 6, 2007

In Praise Of Old School

Yeah yeah yeah it's all gone digital. We know, we know. Stick it on a website for tuppence and millions will see it. Alright, fair play. Now don't get me wrong. Your pals at London's most loved creative agency (recently voted 'place I'd like to work at most' by art students in Frederiksborg, Denmark) love a bit of digi and we do it lots. But every now and then we like to go a bit old school, produce a nice big poster and stick it jaw-droppingly big in some cities somewhere and see what happens.

And this is the result. Our latest campaign for Amstel started small with a few posters, and then sort of got bigger and bigger. Big love to Toby, our very smart Amstel client, for not only buying good work with some right odd looking people in it, but for also getting us some nice big sites to show off on. Tobs, we loves ya.