Thursday, June 14, 2007

Zubrowka Apple

We're a cosmopolitan bunch at Karmarama. Ok maybe not that cosmopolitan but there's a good spread of foreign origins: Italian, Australian, a bit of French, Dutch, Polish, Egyptian, and Northern. Dave, in the spirit of the Godfather has said it's a 'hard working immigrant agency.' Hard as nails, as ping pongers throughout the capital will tell you.

They show, all these roots: there's Italian style, Egyptian magic, Aussie grab the bull by the balls (literally), all added to a solid base of Cockney cheek.

Not sure what my Polish roots can bring to the party apart from a refreshing Zubrowka Vodka and apple juice, which has gone down a storm over the last few months. I urge you to try one - it tastes just like apple cake. You'll impress the barman too. For those of you not in the know, it's a special vodka with a fragrant grass much loved by the Euro Bison. Hence it's known as 'bison grass vodka' by Brits who are a little shy fluffing a scary foreign word.

This drinkable apple cake has become the tipple of choice at one of our favorite local hang-outs, a cosy chalet-bar with dancing downstairs: 'The Social.'

It doesn't beat the pub though.