Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Jees it really was a wet one. The wettest day in June EVER recorded and people trying to take tents down. Shin deep in mud. The newspapers full of 'mud people'. Mud, mud, mud ...

Love it: The Park, brilliant new part of the site ran by Emily Eavis. Seeing bands get off tourbus in posh clothes being handed wellies. Handing out armfuls of straw for people to sit on medeival style. People using Pete Fowler sculpture to scrape the mud off their boots. Meeting Chas & Dave, they rock. Surprise/secret gigs (for 'Africa Express' everyone turned up: The Specials, Magic Numbers, Billy Bragg, Damon Albarn, Fatboy Slim, Don Letts, The Aliens, Keith Allen and daughter? to play with African bands like Tinariwen and Amadou & Mariam). Drunken Morris dancing with some female MCs next to Billy Bragg and Damon Albarn, brilliant laughs.

Love it less: Getting around site impossible. Bars running out of cider by Saturday. Mud people trying to take people down with them. Silent Disco - queue for half an hour, then they're playing trance through the headphones. BBC coverage of the festival was lazy this year, real lack of effort and variety in what they covered. Car parks - 6 hours to get out of a field, yikes.

KarmaFest Rating: 9/10 (despite the mud, what an weekend)