Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trevor Tunes

Hello everyone, meet Trevor, our not so clever bettor who fronted our Oddschecker campaign last autumn. His real name is Thorsten and he was a grad student discovered in a street casting session in Germany. As a treat (of sorts) his girlfriend brought him to London so he could witness his image on the huge poster sites, and here he stands at Waterloo in front of his celebrated alter ego.

Months have passed since then, but recently Thorsten surprised us by sending through his debut album in the post. (see below) Love the Karate Kid band name, and the music is catchy punk rock with at least one memorable song title of 'Santa is a pervert.'

Could it be that the experience of being Trevor and seeing himself on billboards made him seek out even greater stardom and recognition?! Watch this space...

(Good luck Trev)