Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't Push Me, I Am Close to The Edge!

Here's the thing. The Brits are widely known for their politeness and their joy of queuing. Except when it comes to the London tube. Now many of your Karma Crew friends travel on the dreaded Northern Line every morning and evening, and a recurring theme is the ABSOLUTE IGNORANCE shown by certain commuters when the carriage doors open. Imagine the scene: a person is standing in exactly the right spot, by themselves, ready for the doors to open. Along come a few other people and it's so obvious this person was there first. The tube enters the station, the doors open, and what happens? Do your fellow commuters think "well that person was clearly here first so I'll let them get on first", or do they think "right, mucle on, who cares who was here first". What's going on? What ever happened to respect, decency and the joy of the the queue?

It's getting to the time when a man cannot be pushed any more. It's getting to the time when bad karma is going to have to come down hard on someone's London ass. Watch this space. Unless the tube users of London start showing a bit more respect, I cannot be held responsible for my actions