Thursday, March 18, 2010

Woooo, Look At You Fancypants: A Top 30 Agency

Well well blooming well.
After 10 years of working hard, being nice to people and playing lots of ping pong, everyone's second favourite agency has now crashed into Campaign's top 30 league table.

Now whilst this doesn't really matter a jot and is not really something we could brag about to our Mums as they (like everyone's Mum) don't really understand this weird world of ours and unless you work for Maurice or Don they get a bit confused, it's a nice demonstration of how being genuinely decent types can pay off.
Now that we are 'proper' however, we'll be shipping out the ping pong tables, BBQs, cakes and nibbles on Barmarama, dodgey old all-agency music playlists and Kitchen-Kam to make way for big parking spaces, grey suits, rolled up twenties and sensible shoes.
Thanks to all that have helped us, clients, workers and the occasional decent journo. We love you all.