Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Karmarama 10 Year Anniversary: The History Chapter 3

In January there was a brief for an exciting new project for Selfridges. Yoinks!
The whole company went to Bombay to research Bollywood, and or three days they explored the delights of the thieves market, the Bollywood district, and Topaz the strange strip club. When they returned they were suitabley inspired and produced the Twenty Three and a half Days of Bollywood event.
Almost immediately IKEA briefed them to produce a new campaign and they created the NOSH and SCHLOMP work that led to them meeting a falsetto singer / heavy metal guitarist called Justin Hawkins who did the music and then used the golden coins he was paid to go off and become a famous musician. Other projects began coming through the door, they began working with UKTV and they realised that they would need more people.