Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Karmarama 10 Year Anniversary: The History Chapter 1

Once upon a time two young men called Naresh and Dave decided to set up their own business doing adverts for people.
They didn’t have much money, but they saved up £8000 and bought some computers, and because they came from immigrant stock they saved on office rent by working out of Dave’s kitchen.
It all went swimmingly and soon the money started rolling in.
After a few months they had saved enough money to rent a small office in a swanky part of town, called Spitalfields and even had enough room to put up the table tennis table.
Everything was going well until one day Naresh banged his head playing football and couldn’t come in to work for several weeks.
Dave was sad.
Miraculously, when Naresh came back to work the building was still standing, none of the computers had been pawned and with their partnership re established the good times continued.
They did a project for Selfridges and the business began to grow. At the end of the year they met and hired two charming young men called Dan and Jon.