Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet Ben - He's The Future, Here Already Like Marty McFly

Ben Milligan has joined us by way of digital agency Holler and them groovy folk Naked where he worked for 8 years. He's our bright shiney new Planning Director and he's good looking and terribly bright. He's also got all that integrated thinking thing going on inside his brain which means he can sort of see the Matrix in everything.
We're delighted to have him here and young Ben represents the brave new face of your friendly neighbourhood KarmaTrama, so it's like glimpsing the future just for a moment and thinking 'ooh, that looks good'.
Ben is also a music lover and owns 47,000 vinyl albums and 4 CDs. He's currently dominating the airwaves here and Jo, who sits next to him, is getting a bit miffed with his constant electro-reggae. Ben also runs approximately 72.5 miles a day and has a quiff that defies gravity and fashion.
Which makes him look a lot like Robert Wagner, which is no bad thing.

We think he's great.