Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shamefully Bad Advertising

There's a lot of old tosh in this industry of ours with some very, VERY bad ideas knocking around.

We don't often comment about them on this blog, instead preferring to write about what we're eating or who's chatting up who (or whom).

But when something like this comes along you just have to say something, because this is possibly the worst, and I mean the WORST ad ever.

So many questions, so little time or breath for answers.

Like, why Kevin Costner? Why SHOULD we fly Turkish Airlines or Airways or whatever the bleedin' hell it is? WHY oh why is Kevin leering like that? And why is it here, in our manor, singularly devoid of insight, idea, drama or kreadividy?

Any answers much appreciated. Any ads believed to be worse (not possible surely) VERY much appreciated.

Someone out there should be ashamed.