Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Join Karmarama Kwik To Kome To Our Kristmas Trip

So it's been a tough old year. We've sold a couple of organs on ebay, grown veg in the garden and started using the tap in the kitchen. But good old Karmajarma has done pretty well and to celebrate, we're taking all our beautiful people on the ski trip of a life time.

Somehow we've found a chalet that sleeps 52 people, half way up a mountain somewhere cold.

We've got the plane booked, the fuel paid for and the drinks cabinet full. All we're missing is you. If you've been sniffing around our gaff and are thinking of joining our happy team, then move swift-like as Hattie is closing the list soon. Apparently if we exceed 52 then the partners will have to have hotel rooms of their own. Hurrah (both from a partner's 'No one's pants in my face when I wake up' perspective, and from a happy camper 'Now the boss is away let's play play play' perspective.

Obviously if the plane goes down and we're all mincemeat, we'll be passing the agency on to the local hairdressers who'll do a good job we're sure.