Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Dan: Handsome, 7 years Old, Cycles 97 Miles A Day

So we asked Dan to write about himself but he's too "busy" to do it. Yeah, right, whatever.
We lured Dan away from St Luke's for 99p and a packet of Chewits.
Dan is not only the youngest person to ever work in advertising, he's also one of the most beautiful. But more important than that is the fact that he lives in Greenwich and he cycles in every day. Which is a HUGE distance of at least 97 miles, possibly more. That's like cycling from New York to Chicago every day (that's for our one reader from the US - hi, how's it hanging? Go Obama) or cycling from Moscow to Brighton. Sort of.
Dan works on Nintendo and his looks. He's a lovely lad, veeeery good at rounders and speaks very posh. And is possibly the nicest bloke in advertising, which makes him perfect for us.
I have nothing more to say. Other than asking Dan to marry me.