Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Gemma: She's Also Scottish And She Sings. Nicely

Gemma joined us a while back but we never shouted about it because she was freelance so we were a bit suspicious of her and while she was here loads of things went missing. But then we hired her proper and only a few things go missing now.

So Gemma's Scottish (blimey, the place is overrun with them at the mo') but she's got a right odd accent on account of her being born in Muscat which is in Oman which is a desert country a lot like Camber Sands. With oil rather than chip shops.

Gemma is, in her own fair words, a talented singer. She had several auditions for this year's X Factor but didn't get on to the final show as she didn't have a sad story. We offered to knock her up with several kids or do her knee caps in so she'd need a shopper mobility scooter but she declined. Clearly having a cracking voice only gets you so far. You really need a bit of social trauma in there too.

Gems also loves all things digi, has a number of anonymous blogs and buys loads of cack off ebay and sells it for huge profits.

She also has one of the nicest smiles around.