Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Man Down, Man Down

This lovely little fella is, apparently, the common flu virus. And it's currently living the life at your one and only Karma-Hurrrahara. There's people falling all over the place, smashing foreheads into their Macs as they let forth with another spray of snot. It's bad. Fair enough, it's mainly the male of the species that's worse for wear and yeah yeah yeah, man-flu and all that, but I'm telling you, I don't know how the pesky little germ-thing gets about, but he 'aint half, what's the word, oh yes: virulent.

So, in honour of how your favourite 'gosh I thought they'd be at least twice the size' ad agency are being hit hard, I thought I'd bring you some really grisly pictures of fellow sufferers, so you can almost taste what it's like to be here at the moment.

First up, the snot drop:

Second up, the kiddie snot waterfall:

Third up, the super-sneeze:

Now of the above, my old Mum always used to say 'Oh my Gawd' whenever anyone sneezed near her 'that goes 15 bleedin' feet you know'. And this piccie seems to show that she's knows what she's talking about. So, next time you're squeezed into your local public transport and you hear a gurgle, a shuffle and then a big old sneeze... Duck!