Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Big Time

We're a humble bunch here at Karma-tarama. We don't seek the limelight, we eschew glory hunting, we don't play the awards game, all that stuff. But every now and then a bit of fame comes our way and we just have to ... well bang on about it relentlessly, puff our chests out (girls as well as boys -it's a sight to behold, believe me) and swagger around like the cock of the playground.
So, today, we're proud to announce that you bestest and most favouritist agency in the whole of the world, or Great Titchfield Street at least, is number 8 in Campaign's new business league.

It's a first for us to be in the top 10 and we are really rather chuffed. Many thanks to all that helped us get there and we only need a dribble more of new biz to edge ahead of our East London pals W&K. So we've sent new business dawg Hattie out to Oxford Street touting for any scraps she can find. Boys, we're coming for ya like cleo-bleedin'-patra.