Thursday, September 27, 2007

I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast...

...but I'm like hot butter on your morning toast.
Or so the Sugarhill Gang sang on Rapper's Delight way back when.

So, look, we don't like to go on and on about how great we are, how we've bought a new kettle (those that know will know), or how we've created a spurious (good word) new department/discipline focusing on toilet seat behaviour. See, we're just not like that.
But, every now and then, it feels right to reassure you, kind reader, that we are a serious and somewhat successful company of fine and upstanding creative types.
So, I drawer you attention to the latest new business league where little old us, coiled like a spring at number 8 for the last 2 weeks, has only gone and leapfrogged (is that the right word?) our friends W&K to number 7. Bugger me sideways.

Next stop, let's take on our friends down the road at BMB. They're only a few grand ahead of us and we've got some new business wins in the pipeline that we'll be announcing soon.
After that, who knows? Obviously it will be disaster, deceit and debauchery. But let's enjoy it while we can.
I thank you.