Monday, September 3, 2007

The Great Debate: The Greatest Sweet The World Has Ever Known

There’s a long history of debating at Karmarama, from the world’s greatest sandwich to the greatest miracle of all time (currently held by Aaron’s sister who’s dismembered finger grew back, nail and all).
Close to all our hearts though, was exactly what is the world’s greatest sweet?

After weeks of planning the agency assembled around the debating table. There was good representation from the old school and the new school, with ‘downstairs at TopShop’ apparently being a good source of retro sweets, as well as the stall down Berwick Street market by the moody book shop and next to the very accommodating young lady at number 37.
Hopes were high for the chocolate éclairs for their two-in-one good value, the apricot yogi nuts for their possible nutritional value, and the Chupa Chups for their sheer quality of design.

The Space Dust grabbed everyone’s interest early doors, partly due to Sarah’s innovative delivery system. The gay fudge then took an early lead, only to be disqualified due to cheating. The paedo’s favourite, Werther’s was given a wide berth, and there was a lot of rush buying towards the end which saw everything from Parma Violets to Chewits vying for attention.
But a winner was found, and this had everyone surprised: Apple Sours. These funny little green things that are in no way pleasant clearly tickled the taste buds of your discerning cutting-edge-advertising-type-folk friends.
So stunned were we about the result, the only solution was to go down the pub and continue the debate. Unfortunately, as with most Karmacrew debates, it all got a bit messy.

Thanks to all those that took part. Apple Sours! Who’d have thought?