Friday, May 9, 2008

Step up Steph

And it's another hello to a newbie. Steph joins us by way of a couple of flakey agencies (only joking - honest) to help our growing team on Nintendo in the glamourous and highly enviable role of Account Manager. Now Alex and Claire can relax just a tad, especially as Alex (or Geezer Bird as she is affectionately know here) is getting married very very bum-clenchingly soon. So thank gawd for Steph. And here's a little know secret of hers:
"I am a true cowgirl at heart and worked in rodeo when I travelled through Australia. I even had a rodeo name, Stephie-lee! I have a real Stetson and through the Winter months, am rarely seen without my cowboy boots. In fact, I have been known to wear them to bed."
We shall be exploring the last revelation in some detail over the coming months, and Tom has put himself forward to get to the bottom of things. Nice one.
Welcome Steph - back to work now tho'