Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday!

May 1st. A day of drama, revolution and the birth of adland's best kept secret. 8 years ago, sat round his kitchen table, Dave 'do you want to feel my head' Bonawhatsit decided he should go straight, lose the red boot laces, and get a proper job, so he created what we now lovingly refer to as 'Karmarama'.

To mark this important occasion we had cake and a few drinks around our newly opened Barmarama. Taking a break from a busy work schedule, manic pitching and frenzied shopping for anything lemon for our summer wardrobe (you read it first here, lemon is going to be oh so very big this coming season), we gathered and had a couple of drinks to say 'Thanks for the job Dave' and general chit chat.

And in an eye-wateringly poignant moment, the Karma partners were presented with their very own steel tankards to keep behind the bar at all times, whenever a bit of magical lubrication is needed.

A marvelous time was had by all. A bit of fun and frolics in the garden. And then we all went back to work because we are a hard-working bunch.
Happy birthday us. All cards, presents, hugs or kisses gratefully received