Friday, May 9, 2008

Meet Lucy - Front of house ain't taking no more crap

Hello To Lucy, our new front of house receptionist thing person.
She's great, right northern and not to be messed with. Here she is in her own words:
"The mighty Carlisle has the enviable title in the UK as being the city with the highest Teenage pregnancy rate, and it is with great shame that I confess I let my town of origin down in this department.
Rather than bringing a hungry bairn to the table and a stabbing outside Gregg's, I instead offer an arts degree from the toon and a year spent in Brooklyn NYC working at Teen Vogue magazine, on a film set and completing a jewelry design course.
I went to art College in Barcelona and would love to ultimately settle there in the sun, with sangria, cigarettes and lots of loons.
I have a borderline obsession with traveling and mountaineering sports, and hope to complete my second attempt of the Haute route this year.
Celebrities do my nut in (apart from Karl kennedy) and I'm a bit of a tree hugger at heart.
Favourite karaoke tune is sweet child o’mine and I'm proud of my northern roots because we have the best banter."
See, she's clearly bonkers. Say hello and ask if it really is grim up North next time you're in