Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kentucky Fried Goodness

Those of you who have entered Karma towers before will know that there is one thing which makes everybody here very happy. Food. So last Thursday, we were all very very happy.

At the agency meeting Wednesday night, our very own Ben Bilboul announced that two lucky people would be getting their hands on something many believed too exciting to actually exist. "Surely it can't be a real thing?" We asked. "Surely it is the thing of fast food fantasy?" But it does exist fellow chicken lovers, it really does...

The legendary KFC Chicken Cheque.

All we had to do to reach this kentucky coated prize was submit the most scandalous story about a fellow Karmarama/Kream/Kaper employee. Put chicken in the equation and suddenly loyalty goes out the window. The scandal came in good and proper - no really, stuff which would make Sid blush. Top of that list was the lovely Alex Holbrook whose story really did take the biscuit and who proved herself all the lovelier by offering her chicken cheque to the whole agency.

19 buckets, 120 pieces of chicken and 500 chips later, we thank you chicken Gods.