Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Term at Karma High

Sorry for the lack of blog posts as we are furious busy producing lots of top stuff that’s all about to go live. We’ll find some silly nonsense to post about soon, promise.

In the meantime, just a quick line about the new school term here at the Karmarama Institute where we had the latest speaker for Academy K, David Meller.

Not to be confused with the bespectacled Tory shagger from the 90s, this David is a brilliant entrepreneur who specialises in creating ranges for private label, branded fashion and home accessories.

David wowed us with stories of wheeling and dealing in the boardroom, a bit of celebrity goss, the low-down on some of those TV Dragons, and the inside track on exactly how you make a million pounds in an afternoon.

He dished out some cracking advice, the best of which was probably ‘be passionate about the business, not the product’. This is deep stuff and, judging from the fallout from last night’s Karmarama Ping Pong Open 2010, there was a fair amount of passion knocking about, so good work there David.

Next month Al Gore. Maybe