Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nick Clegg Gets Mumsy

We don't have political allegiances here at Tramarama, but if we did we'd probably choose the Party that was run by people who valued decency, enterprise and nifty shoes.
Every now and then, when we get a bit bored with producing astonishingly effective communication campaigns for our clients and cooking up a meatfest, we turn our hand to good causes.
Which is exactly what The White Ribbon Alliance is. I won't go into details here, but search it out as what they are doing is worth a bit of your attention span.
We do lots of stuff with them - Tattoo parlours for the famous at Glastonbury, spanky t-shirts designed by Naomi Campbell, amazing Rankin shots of pregnant women, and Mum Cafes and newspapers at all the big party conferences.
Which is where this shady looking character was snapped having a gander at the latest copy The Mum.
Nice tie mate. But do you have nifty shoes on?