Friday, July 9, 2010


It all started when the BBQ caught fire at the Last Meat Friday and IToby (computer wizz) got a suspected 3rd degree burn on his mouse finger.

Pondering the shocking circumstance of the overzealous flame it dawned on us that the BBQ hadn’t been cleaned since we bought it. Not because we’re lazy but because we didn’t have anything to clean the mothership with- like a useful scraping thingy. We then also realised that we actually didn’t have anything useful at all to help with the BBQing- like tongs (scissors from reception) or a poker (the metal ruler from production). So we decided something should be done and midst a creative briefing and budgety chat at our lovely clients Clas Olhson Shiv quickly wipped around the useful shop and bought everything that looked useful for the BBQ as well as a load of other useful things for doing all those jobs the production ruler couldn't do.

So where we had two chopping boards, we now have a WALL of chopping boards.

And pineapple and strawberry consumption has increased 10 fold since the strawberry and pineapple slicer made an appearance.

And who knew that salad spinning could be so satisfying? Or that cutting onions with a knife with a blade that doesn’t resemble an axe made such a difference.

We’re now all a lot happier and the number of kitchen punch ups has gone down considerably.

Thank you Clas and thank you Shiv.