Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guerilla Marketing, Karmarama style

You may not know this (you may not care), But Dave lives opposite the legendary but not sadly brown-bread Mole Man of old London Town who used to enjoy burrowing under his house, digging out tunnels and filling them with all sorts of nonsense.

Dave, being a believer in free speech, free expression, free cakes, but most especially the freedom to dig where ever you please, decided to erect a blue plaque to the infamous Mole Man lest we forget one of this great county's more colourful eccentrics (because that's what we are if anyone is reading this from the US - all us Brits are stark raving bonkers - trust me, we are).

Dave's local paper covered the story and gave a nice piece to our mischievous freedom fighter. Once again a cracking example showing how we like to manipulate the news wires here at Karma CBI.

We're preparing Dave's plaque pending his demise as we speak.