Monday, March 2, 2009

Buongiorno! Italian Day

Last Wednesday, our head Boy, Liam, hosted the first Italian Day in our offices. 
You may not be aware of this anniversary, which is customarily celebrated in costume, over home made pizzas, to the music of Bon Jovi and Louis Prima,  culminating with a 5pm Karaoke. 
That's because Liam made it up. 
I'm not sure if the luncheon aspect of it will become an annual tradition, however. Thanks to a quite dodgy pizza oven, our creations took an entire afternoon to cook and in most cases tasted a bit like a rubbery mattress with TK on top. Many folks resorted to Dominos at 3pm, in spite of the scowls of poor Liam sweating over a lukewarm furnace for their dinner:

"Italian Chef: Cheaper than the Little Chef but still as disgusting" - Don Strattoni

But the dressing up was a fine effort and most enjoyable, especially for those who witnessed Calli and Angie hosting a presentation to our (slightly bemused) Clas Ohlson clients, or Nicola/ Ben off to the Ivy dressed as Donatella Versace and a Milanese Playboy respectively (sadly no pics were taken of Nicola...)

And what is a party without the Head Boy belting out Tom Jones classics at 5.30pm with a bottle of Peroni in hand? No kind of party at all... that's what.