Monday, March 2, 2009

Being Really Nice to People: Now that's what we call Direct Mail

As if this morning weren't sunny enough for smiling faces, Nicola just received a package from a strange man that contained a ring featuring the names of all of her children.
Apparently this jewellery designer was perusing the A List, found the Karmarama name, and was about to make us a ring with our name in it, to showcase his wares, for potential gifts, but decided to use Gabi, Dani, Sam and Zac's names instead, wrought in silver and gold.
It fits perfectly, and Nicola is quite overwhelmed.
So, B2B DM companies, you may take your scattergun boxes of gimmickry, Mr Adrian Madden of Sanaer Jewellery Creations Ltd  has won our hearts. Talk about Karma!